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A leading indigenous firm – 100% Nigerian shareholding – with world class core engineering capabilities in delivering total innovative customer solution to technical challenges in the Oil, Gas and Energy industries.

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The company’s core assets lie in its profound intellectual resource, evidenced in its excellent and enviable retinue of management team, which is made up of experienced scholarly experts, professionals, and distinguished achievers in virtually all engineering fields.  At Carnot Technology we know that there is no substitute to good engineering and management skills hence we invest in the development of our people much as well as in areas of artificial intelligence aids. 

Thriving in a culture of team spirit, hard work, professionalism, integrity and excellence, this synergy offers its unique strength as a leader in proffering intelligent innovative tailor-fit solutions to its projects. To ensure global relevance, latest hard-wares and soft-wares are regularly acquired, database updated and personnel continuously trained in line with global trends.

 It is structured to provide state-of-the-art engineering services to the technical challenges of industrialization in Nigeria, West Africa and Central Africa regions. Its remarkable knowledge of local environment and understanding of the peculiarities of indigenous industrial challenges makes it most sought after by incoming investors.

From formation we are focused on servicing refineries, chemical plants, power plants, and oil and gas companies throughout the world.  All of our customers have demanded fast, reliable quality service and have received exactly what they have expected.


CTL is a Quality Certified company that has been placed through rigorous developmental processes to acquire the personnel, organization, experience, procedures, knowledge, equipment, capability and commitment to produce work of the required quality. We have quality systems in place with defined positions and responsibilities.

Why Use Carnot Technology Ltd?

You get a company that is committed enough to quality to subject themselves to an independent review.

You get a company that has been reviewed and approved by evaluators who has been in literally hundreds of service companies.

You get a company that has quality systems in place and dedicated resources to provide quality work.

    You get to enjoy the benefits of partnering with a first-rate team in a positive working relationship.

    • The cornerstone of our company is our commitment to safety, craftsmanship, and integrity.  Our employees have performed so many extraordinary jobs over the years that the extraordinary has become our standard.

      Insist on quality, specify a Quality value driven Company on your next project, insist on Carnot Technology Ltd.

      You can always count on our heritage, integrity, competence and experience.

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    (Insist on quality) Specify a Quality value driven Company on your next project