Our Services
The range of services we offer include:
  1. Project management.
  2. Consulting and Engineering Design.
  3. GPS Survey – including deep water.
  4. Specialized and skilled human resource vending.
  5. Research & development / quality control.
  6. Procurement of equipment and tools.
  7. Asset and resource management.
  8. Pipeline/Tank design and Construction.
  9. Construction and Fabrication.
  10. Turnkey projects.
  11. Seismic surve

Project Management

Our team of highly skilled, qualified engineering experts and hands-on, experienced field engineers offer full range of professional project management services, according to client/customer requirements. Earnest commitment to achieving impressive project target objectives for our clients, remain total and absolute.

Our teams are well articulated in effective project management systems, proper task scheduling, critical path analysis , rigorous and tight supervision/monitoring, effective execution of site works, provision of regular feed back data e.t.c. for fast, reliable target objectives.

Consulting and Engineering Design

Every infrastructure development project starts with a design phase in which the proposed reality is modeled, tested and planned to ensure a successful execution and operation. Armed with state-of-the-art design tools to easily and rapidly create and communicate ideas in two and three dimensions we are remarkably experienced in providing detailed engineering design services in terms of : -

  • Complete plant equipment and machinery installation in line with international standards and practices in oil and gas industry.
  • Design of both off-shore and on-shore engineering facilities
  • Plant process piping execution, welding and sandblasting e.t.c.
  • Plant instrumentation.
  • Electrical services.

All these with fullest regard for Health Safety and Environment (HSE) and liaison with local authorities and institutions for compliance.

GPS Survey – including deep water

In this area of our competence we provide graphical information technology solutions that enable our clients to measure, model and manage their infrastructure with absolute confidence, based on accurate data. This helps to eliminate the projects and processes disruptive problems that occur either because accurate maps of the spatial context were unavailable or appropriate positioning technologies were not applied.

We have acquired technologies and developed capacity that enables us to rapidly produce detailed measurements of any environment including waterbed profiles of any inland water body. Our results are extremely accurate because we employ end to end electronic data handling processes culminating in detailed AutoCAD drawings of the survey area. Among other equipment, we use Ashtech RTK GPS from Thales Navigation, Leica T307 Total Station, Digital Tidal Gauge, Digital Sonalite Echo sounder, etc. The RTK GPS equipment extends the scope of our services to any location on the surface of the earth, with a horizontal accuracy of up to 5mm.

Our measurement solution feature at two stages of the infrastructure lifecycle, at the conception stage and as-built drawings and/or precise maps stage of projects contexts as needed for designs, construction and other interests.

Our deep water measurement, modeling and management services are executed in collaboration with an overseas and renowned firm with a wealth of experience in this area - C&C Technology Inc. of USA.

Specialized and skilled human resource vending

From the retinue of our highly trained and experienced staff as well as affiliate and reputable overseas human resource management firms, we contract human resource to our clients for short to moderate term basis. Our goodwill and knowledge of the oil and gas industry particularly aids this aspect of our operations by way of the number and caliber of skilled personnel available to us on demand.

Research and Development (R&D) / Quality Control Services

 A team of highly skilled experienced and dedicated personnel are engaged in continuous research, development and regular monitoring of quality performance parameters for clients products, by carrying out tests and laboratory chemical analysis for raw materials, sourcing suitable substitutes/alternatives for product formulation, and product development and improvement.

The company has deep and profound knowledge of the evolving local situations, market trends, customer orientation and characteristics, which places it in a position to provide prompt, critical, up to date response to clients market demands and to even anticipate it for proactive decision making.

Procurement of Equipment and Tools

  • Specialized equipment and spare parts supply. (Through close liaison with our overseas partner companies).
  • Development of local equivalents as stopgap arrangements and alternatives.

Asset and Resource Management

Our service capacity provide extraordinary level of solutions that meet the needs of creators, owners and managers at every stage in the infrastructure lifecycle – conception, creation, management and disposal. Our asset auditing services meet the need of our clients who require accurate counts of the numbers of different types of assets they own and want to know exactly where these assets are. Through this we are able to add value to our clients by utilizing the barcode technology to help them know their asset value through the building of accurate database from surveys showing the types, quantities and locations of every asset item they own. These database as well help them preserve and defend their asset values by tracking their deployment and maintenance thus preventing losses due to misuse or unauthorized relocations.


Pipeline/Tank design and Construction

Our design competence include pipeline network and tanks engineering solutions including production of shop drawings for fabrication and erection. We are as well able to take pipeline and tank projects on turnkey basis.

Construction and Fabrication

Vastly experienced in all civil and other engineering works construction challenges for housing and industrial application. We reserve an impressive capacity to execute projects from moderate buildings, large warehouse and extensive industrial complexes.

  • Extensively we are skilled in structural steel fabrications, providing skid mounting and complete prefabrications.
  • Erection of complete plants including mechanical, electrical and instruments installation.

Turnkey Projects

The company is structured to execute turnkey projects as a core capability by way of:

  • Undertaking wholesome projects from conception, feasibility, design/construction, plant and equipment selection, execution of civil site work, project management, plant installations, commissioning, start up and operation to maximum productivity.
  • Assuring economic viability of projects by maximization of plant machinery, equipment availability, overall cost of asset ownership through a well control equipment life-cycle costing application. This value translates to increased profitability, operational reliability and enhanced guaranty of product quality.
  • Ensuring prompt execution of project to completion within client’s set target objectives.
  • Ultramodern Cotton Seed Oil refinery plant with more than nineteen different industrial building and several ancillary facilities covering over half a square kilometer for FLUDOR SA at Republic of Benin.